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Northeast Area Structure Plan

Northeast Tofield Area Structure Plan


The purpose of this Northeast Tofield Area Structure Plan (ASP) is to provide a land use framework for the future development of lands located in the north eastern part of the Town of Tofield.

This document has been prepared in accordance with Section 633 of the Municipal Government Act which states the general purpose of an ASP is to describe land use, population, the general location of major roadway and utilities servicing the lands, and the sequence of development.

This ASP is also prepared in conformance with the development policies included in the Town of Tofield Municipal Development Plan. The ASP is intended to provide a framework for the subsequent preparation of specific districting and subdivision plans under the Town of Tofield Land Use Bylaw.

Plan Area

The development area in this ASP includes approximately 33.0 hectares of land . The specific neighbourhood boundaries are:

  • 47 Street (Secondary Highway 834) to the west;
  • Cookson Avenue to the south; and
  • the Town of Tofield municipal boundary on the north and east

The ASP boundary encompasses all the remaining undeveloped lands within the Town east of 47 Street and is contiguous with existing development to the south. See Figure 1.

Land Ownership

Multiple landowner parcels and some municipal lands are included in the ASP area. Land ownership is shown on Figure 2. The ASP has been prepared by one landowner who controls a majority of the total ASP area. The remaining landowners were consulted through the preliminary Plan development and are generally in agreement with the ASP as proposed.

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