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All mailing addresses given below are in Tofield, AB, T0B 4J0 unless otherwise noted. For service times or other information, please contact individual parishes.

ChurchPastorStreet AddressMailing AddressChurch Phone
Tofield Alliance ChurchCalvin Andringa5907 49 St. Box 458 780-662-2762 
Holy Trinity Anglican ChurchClosed 20214907 57 Ave.Box 447 780-662-3954 
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day SaintsPastor: Marty Lybbert5028 58 AveRR4 780-707-1391
The House Jared Wideman 5830 51 Street Box 930780-662-3415 
Fax 780-662-3499
Bardo Lutheran Church Peter Beckmen 5609 48 St Box 538 780-662-3411
Tofield Community ChurchLead pastor: Jon Stewart 
Youth Pastor: Nathal Nichols 
4619 57 Ave Box 598 780-662-3166 
Salem Mennonite ChurchMark Loewen49232 Range Road 184
Hwy 834 south: 
10mi.S, 2mi.E, 1mi. S
Box 56 780-662-2364 
St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic ChurchFr. Jack Hamilton (OLPH)5523 50 StreetBox 1031780-467-5470
Beaver Pastoral Charge: 
Tofield and Holden United Churches
Adam Hall4832 53 Avenue Box 267 780-662-3471

Bardo Lutheran Church

4737 57 Avenue 

Rev. Bersvend Anderson performed the first church service on November 3, 1894. On May 23, 1895, the first congregational meeting was held and those wishing to become members signed as charter members forming the Norden Lutheran Church. A constitution followed, the first class of catechumens was confirmed in January 1897, Sunday school was organized, a choir started to practice, and a Ladies’ Aid was started. 

The school was built in 1898 and was used for Worship Services and other meetings. The congregation felt the need for a church building and worked together with the Ladies’ Aid to make it a reality. The church was dedicated on August 6, 1908, and the name was changed from “Norden” to “Bardo Lutheran Church.” 

On June 7, 1921, the church was struck by lightning and burned to the ground. The congregation returned to the school for Worship Services. A new church was built, the first service was held on September 3, 1922, and the new church was dedicated in 1926. 

On August 27, 1965, tragedy hit again when lightning struck and burned the church to the ground for a second time. 

In 1967 the congregation decided to rebuild and the third church was dedicated on November 19, 1967. 

Church of the Holy Ghost

The first organizational election for the Church Holy Ghost was held on March 14, 1937. 

In 1949, the church building (formerly Grand Forks School) was purchased for $150 and was moved from Round Hill to 5619 50 Street, Tofield. A very active women’s committee acquired much of the construction of the church. 

In 1975, it was renamed to the Greek Catholic Church and, in 1976, the church was demolished with the lumber being used for housing. 

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

5028 58 Avenue 

The Tofield Branch of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints building was completed in 1987. An addition was completed in 1995. The building serves families in the Tofield-Holden-Vegreville area. Sacrament meeting on Sunday starts at 10AM. Youth activities on Wednesday start at 7PM. Visitors are always welcome. 

In December, a creche exhibit is on display with Nativity scenes from around the world. 

Holy Trinity Anglican Church

4907 57 Avenue 

On May 4, 1912, the parish of Holy Trinity, Tofield was formed by Bishop Pinkham. 

Services were held in homes before the present church was built. Two lots for the church were purchased by the Ladies Aid of Tofield, who was a very active group, founded in 1911. Holy Trinity Church was completed in June and dedicated by Bishop Pinkham on July 18, 1912. It was the first church built in the Town of Tofield. 

The Sunday School room was built in 1938. In 1975, an addition was added to the Sunday School room. In 1986, the Church and Sunday School room were lifted, and a preserved wood foundation was installed. In 1991, a cedar ceiling was installed in the Church. 

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses

50128 Range Road 200 

Jehovah’s Witnesses have been in the area since the early 1940’s. They first gathered at the Spilstead School. For a few years they also used the Ketchamoot School, returning to Spilstead until 1953. The congregation then purchased a school bus garage from John Foster. 

This building was dismantled and rebuilt on the property of Wilber Anderson who had it in his yard for thirty-six years. When the building got too old and too small, the congregation built a new Kingdom Hall in 1989 on three acres that Wilbur donated at the south end of his acreage. This building was constructed on one weekend including the landscaping. 

St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church

5523 50 Street 

Prior to 1906 and until 1915, missionaries said mass on their infrequent visits in older buildings. In 1915, Father Koolen announced he would be saying monthly masses in homes and at a building north of the present Bank of Montreal site. 

On July 19, 1920, a little church was finished, and the first mass was celebrated on the present site. 

In November of 1927, a larger church was blessed and is still in use. The front steps and bell tower were removed later. The church remains an active parish with involvement of many lay people. 

Since the year 2000, visiting priests from Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish of Sherwood Park have served the congregation well for weekly Sunday mass at 11AM. 

Salem Mennonite Church

Hwy 834 south, 10 mi S, 2 mi E, 1 mi S 

The first church was built in the spring of 1911 at a cost of $800, and was set on a stone foundation size 24 ft. by 32 ft. It was dedicated on April 9, 1911. 

Due to the influx of many settlers, the small church outgrew its congregation by 1915. Both in 1915 and 1926, the church was enlarged. 

It was decided in 1953 to build a completely new structure. The building was completed and dedicated August 22, 1954. 

Tofield Alliance Church

5907 49 Street 

Tofield Alliance Church began in 1979 as an evangelical church to speak today’s language. Temporary meeting places included the Vision Society building and Tofield School. Nearly 18 years after purchasing the former Tofield Gospel Church (4640 47 St.) in 1983, Tofield Alliance Church moved to its current location at 5907 49 street (formerly the Tofield Baptist Church). 

Five pastors have served Tofield Alliance Church: Eric Mills, Don Miles, John Alexander, Adrian Overbeeke and Calvin Andringa (1993 to present). Tofield Alliance continues to be a faith community that seeks to speak to today’s ever-changing society. It is a place where people can find acceptance and friendship, and a place where people can meet with God — a safe and sacred place. 

Tofield Baptist Church – CLOSED in March 2008

Construction of the Tofield Baptist Church at 5504 50 Street, began in 1941. Lumber from the old skating rink was used to build the church. Services were held in the Municipal Office until the fall of 1943 with Reverend Palmer Peterson being the first pastor. 

The church was sold to a private individual in 1997 and the new church was completed in the same year. In March of 2008, the Tofield Baptist Church in Tofield closed its doors. 

Tofield Gospel Church/Tofield Community Church

5826 51 Street 

In 1940 a two-acre plot, five and a half miles west of Tofield was bought and a building 24 ft. x 42 ft. was built on a floating foundation for $750. Labour was donated and it became the “M.B. Church of Lindbrook.”. In 1955, an addition was put on the existing building. Attendance increased to the extent where a full basement was needed, adding Sunday school rooms and a dining area. 

Tofield Gospel Church moved from several locations around Tofield from 1940 to 1961. From 1961 to 1983 the Gospel Church was located where the present-day Tofield Alliance Church sits. It was dedicated in 1963 as the “M.B. Church of Tofield.” 

It was in 1981 that the congregation decided more room was needed, and relocation was the answer. A piece of property in the northwest corner of Tofield was purchased and, in 1983, the building was completed (8,000 square feet; erected at a cost of $750,000). It is now under the name of “Tofield Gospel Church.” 

Tofield Mennonite Church

5631 47 Street 

The first members of the Tofield Mennonite Church started arriving in the area in 1924–1925, but there were no organized services until 1934 when a site was purchased on the east side of town. An old house on the premises served as a worship house until 1936 when construction started on a new building. It was completed in July, 1937 and served as the main sanctuary. As the congregation grew, more additions were made until August 17, 2003, when, in a special service, it was decommissioned and, in 2004, it was removed from the site. 

In 1985, plans for a Fellowship Hall were started. It would be used for Sunday school classes, dining, recreation and offices. 

In the early years, lay ministers served the congregation. In 1936, Rev. D.A. Heidebrecht was the leading minister and was ordained as bishop in 1943. Many ministers have served the church. 

Plans are underway for building a new sanctuary soon. 

United Church of Canada

4832 52 Avenue 

Tofield’s United Church of Canada is on the northeast corner of 49 Street and 53 Avenue. A team of volunteers completed the building of this church in 1955. The United Church of Canada was formed in 1925 when congregations of the Methodists, Presbyterians and Congregationalists agreed to a national union. 

At first, Methodist and Presbyterians missionaries conducted services in the homes of early settlers and in a log schoolhouse a half mile north of the present day Tofield School. 

In 1904, the Presbyterian congregation built the St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church south of Tofield on a hill called Mount Zion. Meanwhile, the Methodists took over the log schoolhouse. Between 1908 and 1909, both churches were moved to a site just north of Tofield School. At that time, this was the location of Tofield No. 2. 

When the railway was completed, the village of Tofield was moved to its third location on 50 Street so that businesses could be close to the railway station. Before long, the Methodists and Presbyterians moved their churches. St. Andrew’s was moved to a lot just east of St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church. The Methodist church was moved to the back of the lot where the present-day United Church is located.

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