Town of Tofield provides water, sewer and garbage.

Town of Tofield Utility Bill payment options:

  • The Town Of Tofield accepts  payments by  Cash, Debit, Mastercard, Visa and Cheque.
  • We also accept Online/Telephone Banking through all banks and Credit Unions.
  •  We offer Direct Debit (automatically comes out in the 15th of each month) Click HERE to get an authorization form.
  • After hours payments can be made in the Library Book drop in a sealed envelope marked for the Town of Tofield

Credit Card / Debit Cards – online payments click HERE

For GAS and POWER retailers in the area please visit www.ucahelps.alberta.ca/

Water Rates

HWY 14 Water Charge is the water rate established by the Highway 14 Water Services Commission. As March, 2022 the rate will increase to $4.196 from $3.815 per cubic meter.

HWY 14 Water Transmission Line is a charge to create reserve funds for Highway 14 Water Services Commission maintenance, upgrading and eventual replacement of the Highway 14 transmission line.

Tofield Distribution is charge for water infrastructure, operations and maintenance within the Town of Tofield.


The sewer charge is for sewer infrastructure, operations and maintenance of the sewer lines within the Town of Tofield

If you think you have a water leak please click here.

The “Beware the Clog” website provided by the Alberta Capital Region Water Waste Commission can be found at theclog.ca.

Sample Bill

This sample bill is based on 15 cubic meters.

HWY 14 Water Charge (WATR) $4.196 per cubic meter $62.94
HWY 14 Transmission Line (TRAN) $ 4 Flat rate 0.57 per cubic meter $12.55
Tofield Distribution (DIST) $36 Flat Rate ($0.40 over 20 cubic meters) $36.00
Sewer (SEWR) $15 Flat Rate $15.00
Garbage Collection (GARB) $10 Flat Rate $10.00
HWY 14 Water Charge (WATR) $4.196 per cubic meter $62.94
HWY 14 Transmission Line (TRAN) $ 4 Flat rate 0.57 per cubic meter $12.55
Tofield Distribution (DIST) $36 Flat Rate $0.40 over 20 cubic meters $36.00
Sewer (SEWR) $15 Flat Rate plus $0.55 a cubic meter $23.25
Garbage Collection (GARB) $15 / $20 Grocery Stores / Restaurants $15.00

Street Light Repair

Fortis Alberta has launched a new Streetlight Repair Map. With this map, you can view streetlights in Fortis Alberta’s service area and request a repair online within minutes. The map was designed with you in mind, to be user-friendly, simple and easy to use. Once a streetlight repair request is submitted, a service order is automatically generated to facilitate repairs.

Interested in learning how to use the new Streetlight Repair Map? View Fortis Alberta’s online video tutorial at: youtu.be/fGtEpqftF8k.

Utilities Consumer Advocate website
Find Retailers / distributors for electicity and natural gas.
Compare electricity and natural gas price in your area.


Garbage Collection is contracted through Beaver Municipal Solutions.

  • Residential: Wednesdays
  • Commercial: Monday and Friday

The Town of Tofield would like to take the opportunity to remind all residents of the proper use of the Solid Waste Collection Bins provided by Beaver Municipal Solutions:

  • All residential garbage must be bagged and placed inside the bin
  • All yard waste must be bagged and placed inside the bin
  • Branches may be placed in the bin if they are cut into three foot lengths
  • If the bin you regularly use is full, please place your bag in a nearby bin
  • Any items placed beside the bin will not be collected
  • Large Items (Appliances, mattresses, etc.) may not be placed in the bin
  • Hazardous materials (household paint, propane bottles, etc.) may not be placed in the bin
  • Heavy items (Shingles, Concrete, etc.) may not be placed in the bin
  • Large Items will be collected twice a year – May and October – from your front street
  • A Hazardous Waste Collection Site is offered once a year – normally in June
  • Items may be taken to the Tofield Transfer Station (open Mon, Wed & Fri 10-6) or the Ryley Landfill (open Mon-Fri 9-5 & Sat 9-3:30)

Additional information on acceptable items is available at: https://claystonewaste.com/residential/transfer-stations/

Thank you for your consideration when using the collection bins.

Residents and businesses are to use the supplied receptacles in alley ways, or wheel the individual canisters to the curb, if the residence does not have an alley. Please contact the Claystone Waste  for further information.