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Tofield Arena Floor Replacement

Press Release – Tofield Arena

The Tofield Arena was built in 1972 for the use of winter operations and has acted as a hub for the community for roughly 50 years. However, this facility has evolved to the current operations whereas this facility sees usage not only in the winter months, but the summer as well. The versatility of the building has allowed for multiple users, and not just the traditional winter activities. The Arena has acted as a gathering spot, a place to meet friends, family, loved ones and see our children grow. It should be noted if not for the winter ice activities; the Tofield Arena would not be able to financially survive and this would be devastating to the long-term operations for the Arena, and the Ag Society.

Recently, the Tofield Agricultural Society, in conjunction with the Town of Tofield underwent two separate, independent investigations on the arena concrete pad and brine lines. These two components, and their integrity being essential to the viability of the facility.

Through investigation, it has been determined that not only is the concrete pad in need to extensive review, but the brine cooling lines are also in need of extensive repair and replacement. Without the two of these in fine standing there is a strong potential for ice making and usage to not be available. However, it is the intent of the Agricultural Society and the Town to continue with ice making for the 2021/2022 season.

Through meetings involving the Ag Society Executive and the Town, it has been determined, there is no choice other than to action replacement on these items. The Town has secured a granting specialist to help in coordinating the intricate application and will be looking to have this submitted in the very near future. Along with this, the Ag Society has approached both Beaver County, as well as Tofield Council to make them aware, and to gracious ask for donation monies to be provided. Both respective Councils have been receptive and have committed verbally to participating.

It should be noted; the repairs required are extensive, which is a direct result in an exceptionally high cost. Granting dollars will result in some of the necessary funds, however not all. This has provided members of the Ag Society to become creative in looking at alternatives.

One such creative approach is the running of an online lottery and potential 50/50 draw. Other communities and provinces have seen great success with such an approach, and the feel is Tofield could also be successful with this. Further details on this exciting opportunity will be released to the public, and outside of the benefit to the winners, the Ag Society will benefit dearly to move forward with the project.

The Arena is a vital component of Tofield, Beaver County and a strong part of our community identity. The Ag Society is optimistic on the abilities to move forward in all capacities. However, our community Arena, will need the community’s support. Should you or your business want to look to donate monies etc. please contact the Ag Society President to discuss further. Tofield, Beaver County and surrounding areas, together we can ensure success on this project.

On behalf of the Tofield Agricultural Society


Dave Berrecloth


Ice Rental

Tofield Agricultural Society has made the difficult decision to close the Arena for the balance of the 2020-21 season.  It is with great hope that we are able to return to some type of normal for the fall season and return our  young people to the activities they are so dearly missing.

The Tofield Agricultural Society, as well as the Town of Tofield, wish each of you good health as we continue to follow the recommended guidelines set forth by the Province.



Facility Rental

Facility, Meeting Room Rentals  (pending 2021 Provincial guidelines) – contact the Town of Tofield  at 780-662-3269 or by e-mail.

The Tofield Arena is owned and operated by the Tofield Agricultural Society, with funding assistance from the Town of Tofield, the Beaver County, and the Government of Alberta. The seating area is heated, and a concession is available.

Features of the Sports Grounds

  • batting cage on site
  • washrooms available in arena for events on the fairgrounds (as needed)
  • Gymkhana Arena – 6 bucking chutes, holding pens, bleachers and announcement booth; metal 6′ fencing
  • Curling Rink – 4 sheet rink, lounge & concession open October to March. This rink is available for rental on or off season. Click here for more information.

Tofield Gun Club

On site is also the Tofield Gun Club indoor shooting range.