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Tofield Museum

The Tofield Historical Society (THS) was formed in 1961 and, soon after, members established the Tofield Museum. The museum has been housed in three different locations: the first in a schoolhouse located on the Tofield School grounds, the second in an annex of the Tofield Arena and the third in the Beaverhill Lake Nature Centre & Museum Facility.

The Tofield Museum provides exhibits that cover the development of Tofield from the early Indigenous settlements to the arrival of European and American settlers and subsequent agricultural and business developments. These exhibits reflect the development of schools, medical care, agricultural practices and church communities of early pioneers.

The Tofield Museum has accomplished great milestones:

  • 2011: “Engagement Award” from Alberta Museums Association
  • 2012: “Recognized Museum Status” from the Alberta Museums Association.

THS is a member of CREAM (Central Rural East Alberta Museums), a support group for museums in rural Alberta.

Our board is very proud of our achievements as we strive to provide our visitors with the best possible experiences and programs.

Over the years, the Tofield Historical Society had published two history books: Tales of Tofield 1 (1969) and Tales of Tofield 2 (2009).

Snow Goose Festival April 27-28, 2024
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