]Tofield is a town in central Alberta, Canada. It is located approximately 68 km east of Edmonton at the junction of Highway 14, Highway 834, and Highway 626. Beaverhill Lake is located immediately northeast of the community.

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  • From the Office of the Mayor. June 9, 2021

Town of Tofield

Friends, since we’ve last communicated, much has changed. These changes have been both seen and felt globally and locally. COVID has ravaged countries to unspeakable measures. These impacts have been felt by many whether directly there or suffering abroad from a distance. Many times, over the past 15 months we have felt a great desire for all of this to come to an end. Cautiously, but optimistically I feel this time may be closer than ever.  However, with this notion we must continue to stay the course to safely get to the proverbial finish line.
This week will see the loosening of restrictions, which must come as a relief to our friends who operate our local businesses. COVID has provided numerous challenges, however, we must not forget our friends, family and neighbours who operate businesses, or provide front line support who have been impacted. I encourage you to support these people within our community the best you can, now more than ever they need our support.
Please stay the course, stay positive, stay healthy, the end truly is in sight!
Stay well, stay healthy.

Debora Dueck,





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