Nature Centre

Located on the access road from Highway 14 to Tofield — look for the tower with the birdhouses! (780) 662-3191.

  • Wednesday to Saturday – 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Sunday –  1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

The Beaverhill Lake Nature Centre came into existence in 1985 through the efforts of a small group of local volunteers. In the spring and fall the Beaverhill Lake Nature Center welcomes a steady stream of birders in search of information about the area. In 1994, a larger facility was built to accommodate the growing number of visitors. Background and further details are available here.

We now provide tourist information, interpretive displays and a small gift shop . The building also houses the Tofield Museum and a small art gallery depicting the work of local artists.


Beaverhill Lake is an internationally renowned and recognized staging area for 270+ species of birds. It is one of the area’s largest attractions, and the Beaverhill Lake Nature Centre provides a doorway to this fascinating natural world.

Many bird watchers from all around western Canada come out to enjoy a day spotting and identifying their favorite creatures. The Nature Center acts as an interesting stop for seasoned bird enthusiasts as well as the beginner birder.

This is one of only a few federally recognized Bird Sanctuaries in Canada. The tremendous natural resource of Beaverhill Lake is the thousands of migrating waterfowl and nesting shore and songbirds are a thrill for residents and visitors alike. Two hundred fifty species have been sighted during migration, while about one half of that number nest and make their summer home in the area.

Several years’ drought have resulted in a greatly reduced area of water in Beaverhill Lake, but migrating birds still pass through the Tofield area. Check out surrounding bodies of water such as Hastings Lake or Islet Lake, as well as the fields and sloughs throughout the Beaver Hills and Tofield area.


Extensive information on Beaverhill Lake and the wildlife found around it is organized in easy-to-read, interesting displays. Learn about the recognition given to Beaverhill Lake, or about the Beaverhill Bird Observatory and the many animals and birds to be found in the area.

Gift Shop

We offer unique creations and treasures by local crafters in addition to bird feeders, books, post cards and t-shirts, souvenirs of Tofield and Beaverhill Lake.

Nature’s Marsh

Behind the Nature Centre is found Nature’s Marsh, a small natural area and self-guided walk.

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