Snow Goose Festival

Snow Goose Festival 2020
A Celebration of Spring Migration
April 25- 26, 2020

The event will include bus tours, hiking tours, a wildlife conservation-focussed trade show and evening banquet.


History in-brief:

The Snow Goose Festival on the south shore of Beaverhill Lake was launched in 1993. The festival was established as a celebration of spring migration, and was an opportunity for the public, nature enthusiasts, bird watchers and all interested individuals to come out and view many species of birds that stopover in the Beaverhill Lake region during northward migration. This family-oriented celebration provided transportation and volunteer naturalist guided tours and hikes in and around Beaverhill Lake and Beaver County. In  the town of Tofield, a trade fair and numerous activities provided many options for visitors.

One of the most popular and successful events of its kind in Canada, if not all North America at the time, the Festival drew thousands of attendees. An estimated 3400 people attended the first Festival, and by the last year of the Festival (April 20-21, 2002) over 6000 people participated. The Festival ran “rain or shine” – but generally the participants were “richly rewarded” with the sight of thousands of snow geese, and other migratory bird species!

Drought reduced water levels in Beaverhill Lake, which resulted in a declining number of birds in the immediate area. This meant longer bus rides and less accessible bird viewing sites. As a result, a decision was made to suspend the Festival after in 2002 edition.

The Festival’s Return!

Higher annual precipitation in recent years has recharged Beaverhill Lake and resulted in the return of huge flocks of migrant Snow Geese to the area. The time is ripe to reinstate the annual Snow Goose Festival which will celebrate this spring wildlife sceptical. In June 2019, representatives of interested organizations met in the Tofield Council Chambers and agreed to organize Snow Goose Festival 2020. To-date three planning meetings have taken place which included the following participants (affiliations in brackets listed alphabetically):

Geoff Holroyd, Committee Chair (Beaverhill Bird Observatory) Chuck Priestley (Alberta Conservation Association) Brian Orr (Alberta Environment and Parks) Kevin Smook (Beaver County) Sara Pearce Meijerink (Beaverhill Bird Observatory) Garnet Raven (Canadian Wildlife Service) Angus Bryan (Ducks Unlimited) Brian Stephens (Edmonton Nature Club) Jim Lange (Edmonton Nature Club) Brian Ilnicki (Nature Alberta) Zoe MacDougall (Nature Alberta) Linda Howitt-Taylor (Nature Alberta) Carissa Wasyliw (Nature Conservancy of Canada) Glen Lawrence (Strathcona County) Vanita Eglauer (Town of Tofield) Cindy Neufeld (Town of Tofield) Harold Conquest (Town of Tofield) Jeff Edwards (Town of Tofield)

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