Historical Homes

An Historical Walk Around Tofield

These pictures and accompanying information were provided courtesy of Larry Tiedemann. The buildings and houses are presented in the following order: West of main street, then south to north up 50th Street (Main St.), then avenue by avenue south to north. It may be useful to consult the town map, as some of the same buildings are noted there.

Tofield Place Apartments: This building at 5240 – 53 Avenue was originally the Tofield Municipal Hospital, built in 1947. It was converted to apartments some time after the new health center was opened in 1987.

The Tofield Hotel at 4936 – 52 Ave was built in 1912. It was originally called the Royal Alexandra Hotel.

Tofield Community Hall: Located at 5309 – 50 Street, the hall was rebuilt in 1955, after fire destroyed the previous hall at this same location.

At 5321 – 50 Street, this building was built in 1953 as the Freebury Clinic, by Dr. W. H. Freebury. Dr. Freebury was later joined by Dr. G. M. Price. The building later was occupied by the Toliver Clinic.

The “Dr. Bain house” at 4803 – 53 Avenue belonged to Dr. Bain, who practised medicine in Tofield from 1921 to 1926. The house was later purchased by Al and Suzie Innes.

Emery house situated at 4824 – 53 Avenue, was the first house built in Tofield’s townsite #3. It was later purchased by the Finns, and then the Shupes.

McLaughlin house Located at 4803 – 54 Avenue, this house was built by George McLaughlin. He later moved to Edmonton, and was proprietor of Andrews – McLaughlin Funeral Home.

John Lee house at 4819 – 54 Avenue, was built in 1912. It was later the residence of Dr. Law, and after some time, it became the Anglican Church manse.

Crispin house Located at 4828 – 54 Avenue, this house was originally the residence and detachment of the Alberta Provincial Police. Later it was purchased by the Spilstead family and then the Crispin family.

Joseph Rogers house This house, at 4832 – 54 Avenue, and the Crispin house were built by the same carpenter. Both were originally built in different locations and were moved side by side some time later.

McCauley house: Built in 1911 by A. J. H. McCauley at 4904 – 54 Avenue, this house was purchased by Clara Rogers about 1945, and is now owned by Clara’s daughter, Muriel Shaw.

Abbott house at 4912 – 54 Avenue was owned by Lem Abbott who was a barber in Tofield for many years. The Abbots also boarded lady school teachers. It was later the residence of Mrs. Hunley.

The Swift Cottage is found at 4915 – 56 Avenue. Built in 1912, by W. C. Swift, it is called the cottage because it was a single story which was unusual in those days.

This home at 4927 – 56 Avenue was once the Old United Church. Considered to be the oldest building in Tofield, it was built in 1904, in Tofield’s first location (east town) as a Presbyterian Church. It was moved to the town’s second location in 1908, and then to its present site in 1909. It then was sold to the Masonic Lodge and used as their meeting place and has now been converted to a private residence.

The Brick house at 4928 – 56 Avenue was built in 1912, by Stuart Hall, and purchased by W. C. Swift in 1925. Subsequent owners were Dr. and Mrs. Freebury and John and Melita Wall.