Tofield Cemetery

The Tofield Cemetery is located approximately one and a half miles north of town, on the west side of Secondary Highway 834. For information about purchasing burial plots, or how to locate a plot, please contact the Town Office (780-662-3269).

The following pages comprise a transcript of the records held in the Town of Tofield office for burials in the Tofield Cemetery, limited to those occurring before 1986 (see FOIP note below).

Researchers are advised to contact the Town of Tofield directly, for additional information (if available) or for burials within the last 25 years. Another source is the publication “Seven Cemeteries in the Tofield Area” published by The Alberta Genealogical Society.

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

The following information is taken from FOIP Questions and answers for municipalities:

“Can a municipality put the complete cemetery record, such as names, dates of births and deaths, and locations of burial sites, on a web page?

This information is personal information of individuals. The disclosure would be an unreasonable invasion of privacy if the individuals have been dead for less than 25 years (section 17(2)(i)). Disclosures of this information should be considered on a case-by-case basis.”

Logan Cemetery

When first established, Holy Trinity Anglican Church was located on the same property as the Logan Cemetery, north of the present-day Tofield town site. It was part of the St. James the Apostle (Logan) Parish. That church burned down, including the early cemetery records. The church was rebuilt in 1912 in the Town of Tofield.

The Logan Cemetery is located on part of SE 31-51-18-W4, (just south of the location of Logan Post Office 1892-1912), and is not currently accessible by road. Permission must be sought from the adjacent landowner to cross to the corner where the old cemetery is.

The only surviving records of burials in this cemetery are in the Burial Register of Holy Trinity Church for the period 1896-1937. The original register has been deposited in the Provincial Archives of Alberta. Researchers are advised to consult the original record, although a photocopy is available at both the Tofield Museum, and the Tofield Municipal Library.

The 111 register entries transcribed on the attached pages are in chronological order, just as they appear in the register, not alphabetical order. Some names were very difficult to read, and may not be spelled as you expect them to appear. Most, but not all burials recorded in the register, were in the Logan Cemetery.

WWI and Boer War Veterans

The following veterans have been identified from those who joined the Canadian Legion, Tofield Branch, or who enlisted from the Tofield area. If you know of other names that should be included here, please contact the Tofield Historical Society.

Boer War

  • Cookson, Tom
  • Dunham, Harold
  • Ferguson, Elmo

World War I

  • Bewick, C. R.
  • Brace, George
  • Buckwell, E. L.
  • Carey, A. E. F.
  • Campbell, James
  • Carr, C. J.
  • Chapman, Bill
  • Chapman, John W.
  • Clutterham, A. B.
  • Cookson, Ada
  • Cookson, T.
  • Deane, R.
  • DeBeau, Tony
  • Eaglesham, Matthew Sr.
  • Ferguson, Archie
  • Francis, James
  • Francis, John
  • Francis, Henry
  • Gladue, John
  • Goubault, Valentine
  • Harold, A. P.
  • Jevning, Pennell
  • Jones, Wesley
  • Kendall, Harry A.
  • Kendall, Loren
  • Kyle, Donald Sr.
  • Lee, John A.
  • LeTourneau, John W. (Jack)
  • Logan, A.*
  • Logan, E.
  • Logan, J.
  • Logan, Robert*
  • Loughbury, ?
  • Lovell, H. W.
  • Lowe, John A. S. (Jack)
  • McCauley, A. J. H.
  • McHeffey, Willard
  • McMullen, Arthur
  • Montgomery, A. J. (Red)
  • Morden, W. Chris
  • Morton, John W.
  • Pegrum, Hugh
  • Pincott, R. W.
  • Plants, Gerald*
  • Pruden, Alexander
  • Pruden, E.*
  • Pruden, J.
  • Pruden, M.
  • Pruden, Walter*
  • Ray, Milt
  • Robinson, C. D.
  • Robinson, V. H.*
  • Roddick, John
  • Rogers, E. W.
  • Rowe, E. Percy
  • Rowland, C.*
  • Rowland, J.
  • Rude, Emil
  • Simpson, Dr. John (Doc)
  • Skitch, R. F.
  • Spilsted, John
  • Waters, H.
  • Whitmore, Thomas

* Killed in action

Sources: Tales of Tofield, Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Tofield Legion, Tofield Historical Society.
Please note that this list is incomplete and that the Tofield Historical Society invites you to provide additional names of veterans.