Home Based Business Permit


When applying for a Home Occupation please submit the following information with the application form:

  1. A site plan of the property (RPR if available, or a legible hand drawn plan) which shows all building structures on the property and the driveway location.
  2. A floor plan of the house showing which room(s) are to be used for the proposed home occupation
  3. Identify any improvements which are to be made to the home to accommodate the proposed home occupation (e.g. installation of sinks for a hair salon, create separate entrance to office from outside, etc.)
  4. Describe the nature of the business; what are you proposing to do
  5. Describe the hours of operation, the number of employees
  6. Describe where any materials or equipment associated with the business are to be stored.
  7. Identify where parking is available for customers.

Depending on the information provided, additional information may also be requested.

Development and Planning Contact

Laraine Stuart
Phone: 780-886-2729
Email: laraine17stuart@gmail.com