BHD Tubular


6903 72 Ave NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T6B 3A5

Tofield Project Yard

4740 46 ave
Tofield, AB
T0B 4J0

P: 888-939-6824

BHD Tubular Head Office is located in Edmonton, Alberta and proudly serves the oil, gas, mining, civil and nuclear industries across Canada and the United States.

We also have a Project Yard forty minutes east of Edmonton in Tofield, AB that can house your stock or any large or small project.

SRB Equipment

Mechanical Services

Shaun Beaudoin Cell: 780-8785221

Heavy Truck /Trailer/ Equipment

CVIP Inspection/ Certification
Tank Inspection/ Certification
Air Conditioning
Engine Repair
Emission System Repair /Services
DPF Filter Service /Clean
Oil Changes
Fleet Maintenance