Cory’s pest control

Will to come out and shoot pests for free. (gophers, rabbits, coyotes)
I’m in Edmonton and usually travel to the Irma/Wainwright area for this. But the land(s) where I usually go has be cleaned out.
I need new shooting grounds.
Ability to shoot short and long range.
If you know of anyone, even outside of the Tofield area. Please give them my info.

Phone: 7807106294

Rural Roots

As a horse owner and rural resident I understand the concerns of people with horses. Rural Roots provides on site care for all kinds of pets and livestock. When people with large numbers of animals need to be away they need someone capable and trusted to tend to the welfare of the animals and the security of the premises. Sometimes for health reasons managing a rural residence or farm can be just too much. Whether doing chores, delivering hay to a herd or recovering animals that have escaped Rural Roots is the answer.

Phone: 780 690 1658