Tales of Tofield Vol 2


Are you a new comer to Tofield and are curious about the people and businesses of the Town of Tofield and surrounding areas? Are you curious if there is information about your relatives that once lived in the Tofield area?

The Tofield Historical Society (THS) has published two history books to assist the curious with the location of information. These are the Tales of Tofield 1 and Tales of Tofield 2. Tales of Tofield 1 was published by the Tofield Historical Society in 1969 under the editorship of Mrs. Grace Phillips. Currently, reprints of this book are available.

Tales of Tofield 2 was published in 2009 to coincide with the Town of Tofield’s Centennial celebrations. The book committee under the leadership of Barbara Conquest, Elizabeth Hubbard and Diane Reil encouraged, reviewed, edited, and typed up submissions. In total over 550 submissions were received and over 720 photographs were considered. A huge undertaking!

The publication of Tales of Tofield 2 was possible because the Tofield Historical Society received a Grant of $23,000 from New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP). Additional publication funding was needed and this was done through fund raising events, donations from the public, pre-publication sales, and post-publication sales.

The THS has copies of the DVD “Tofield 100 Years Forever Young.” This DVD, narrated by local speakers, was produced by the “Celebrate 100 Tofield” Committee.  The DVD complements nicely the information that is found in the two local history books.

Copies of the books and DVD are available for sale at the Tofield Municipal Library and the Tofield Museum located inside the Beaverhill Lake Nature Centre. Costs: Tales of Tofield 1 — $32.50; Tales of Tofield 2 — $50.00 for hard cover and $40.00 for soft cover; DVD — $10.00. Shipping and handling charges will be extra.


To order/purchase books or DVDs, contact:

 Pat Nolan

Box 591

Tofield, Alberta T0B 4J0

Phone: (780) 662-2479

E-mail:   pjnolan99@gmail.com