Chapter Ten: Medical Milestones

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Dr. J.H. Tofield,,whose biography appears elsewhere in this book, was Tofield’s pioneer doctor serving the area from 1892 to 1918. Dr. MacKennon, Dr.J.L.Hammond, Dr. Kirk and Dr. McDonald were also in the town for varying periods between 1906 and 1918.

In 1918, Dr. N.L. Terwilliger cane to Tofield, serving until 1921 at which time he moved to Edmonton. From 1921 to 1926, Dr. Bain was the Tofield doctor. Dr. Paul was here in 1923.

Dr. Frank F. Law, whose former office still stands on Main Street though now used as the C. Ferguson residence was in Tofield from 1926 to 1941 at which time he joined the Allan Clinic in Edmonton. Dr. A.E. Caldwell now of Viking, was in Tofield from 1941-1943. For the next three years, Tofield was without a resident physician.
In 1946 Dr. W.H. Freebury opened a practice in Tofield in a room in the Memorial Hall made available to him by the Tofield Community League. At various times since then, Dr. Freebury has been assisted by Dr. Chai, Dr. Louis, Dr. Clarke. For several years, Dr. G.M. Price has been Dr. Freebury’s associate. Recently Dr. Singh has been associated with Drs. Freebury and Price.


Tofield had never had an active treatment hospital The only hospital facilities had been Dr. Tofield’s home and Mrs. Gray’s Maternity Home. The absence of a hospital was a serious hindrance to keeping a resident doctor and finally in 1944, due to the efforts of civic-minded citizens, the Tofield Hospital District was formed. In 1945, under the supervision of Hon. W. W. Cross, Minister of Health, the first hospital board was elected. George McFadzean, Stan Sears and John Warner were members of the first hospital board, with J.E. Stinson as secretary.


In Nov. 19, 1947, the 20-bed Tofield Municipal Hospital was opened. Preceding the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the hospital, a program was held in the Memorial Hall. Rev. H.B. Ricker, Mayor A.B. Clutterham, F. R. Murray, E.E. Maxwell, Floyd Baker, M.L.A., Miss M. Dodds Dr. J.L. McPherson of Ryley, Dr. M.R. Bow, Deputy Minister of Health and George McFadzean all participated in the program. At the hospital door, unlocked by Matron Miss M. Smith, prayers were offered by Rev. Orme of the Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Fr. Gorman of St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church and Rev. H. B. Ricker of Tofield United Church.

The first staff consisted of Miss Mattie Smith, matron, Miss Kay Rutherford, Miss Marie Slavik.
Mrs. H. Ewert, was the first patient, as well as the first maternity patient; she named her baby William Howard Ewert in honour of Dr. W.H. Freebury, the attending physician.

Miss Kay Kozak became matron in 1948 and continued till 1963 when she was succeeded by the present matron Miss Ruth Kraus.

In 1956, a 10-bed addition was constructed, giving the hospital room for 31 beds and 9 bassinettes.

Total In-patients admitted, adults and children
Total new borns
Total out-patients admitted
Percentage of occupancy 1968
Total Patient days
8,027 days

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Medical Staff
Dr. W.H. Freebury
Dr. G.M. Price
Dr. K. Singh

Mr. J. Ramsbottom

Mr. D. Roth

Office Staff
Mrs. A. Fisher

Miss R. Kraus – Director of Nursing
Mrs. M. Worton
Mrs. J. Mitchell
Mrs. M. Dickson
Mrs. E. Koziol
Mrs. K. Walker
Miss R. Ancheta
Miss M. John

Nursing Aides
Miss E. Galenza
Miss G. Tkaczyk
Mrs. A. Oliver
Miss S. Yaranon
Miss A. Olaveja

Ward Aides
Mrs. M. LaRocque
Mrs. J. Ozubko
Mrs. A. Nachtigal
Mrs. J. Mazur

Miss S. Wenstob

Kitchen Staff
Miss E. Wideman
Mrs. J. Othen
Miss H. Tiedemann
Mrs. E. Ferguson
Mrs. A. Snortheim
Mrs. S. Melezko

Laundry Staff
Mrs. F. Mierou
Mrs. M. Roberge

Housekeeping Staff
Mrs. R. Ross
Mrs. M. Gunther
Mrs. V. Lehman

Mr. Wm. Backschaat