Tales of Tofield Vol 1

The text portion of the first edition of this local history has been added here with the kind permission of the Tofield Historical Society, which holds the copyright. No permission can be obtained for the reproduction of any photographs from Tales of Tofield. The original book was published without an index. Every effort has been made to recreate the text as it was in the original edition, with only some minor corrections to punctuation. Original page numbers included in the text precede the page contents.

In 2005, a second printing was undertaken by the Tofield Historical Society, with the assistance of one of the daughters of Grace Phillips, the late editor of the first edition. Copies are available for purchase at Tofield Municipal Library.

In 2006, plans have begun to develop and publish a sequel to Tales of Tofield — see more detail on the Tales of Tofield Two page.

Table of Contents, Tales of Tofield