WWI and Boer War Veterans

The following veterans have been identified from those who joined the Canadian Legion, Tofield Branch, or who enlisted from the Tofield area. If you know of other names that should be included here, please contact the Tofield Historical Society.


Cookson, Tom
Dunham, Harold
Ferguson, Elmo


Bewick, C. R.
Brace, George
Buckwell, E. L.
Carey, A. E. F.
Campbell, James
Carr, C. J.
Chapman, Bill
Chapman, John W.
Clutterham, A. B.
Cookson, Ada
Cookson, T.
Deane, R.
DeBeau, Tony
Eaglesham, Matthew Sr.
Ferguson, Archie
Francis, James
Francis, John
Francis, Henry
Gladue, John
Goubault, Valentine
Harold, A. P.
Jevning, Pennell
Jones, Wesley
Kendall, Harry A.
Kendall, Loren
Kyle, Donald Sr.
Lee, John A.
LeTourneau, John W. (Jack)
Logan, A.*
Logan, E.
Logan, J.
Logan, Robert*
Loughbury, ?
Lovell, H. W.
Lowe, John A. S. (Jack)
McCauley, A. J. H.
McHeffey, Willard
McMullen, Arthur
Montgomery, A. J. (Red)
Morden, W. Chris
Morton, John W.
Pegrum, Hugh
Pincott, R. W.
Plants, Gerald*
Pruden, Alexander
Pruden, E.*
Pruden, J.
Pruden, M.
Pruden, Walter*
Ray, Milt
Robinson, C. D.
Robinson, V. H.*
Roddick, John
Rogers, E. W.
Rowe, E. Percy
Rowland, C.*
Rowland, J.
Rude, Emil
Simpson, Dr. John (Doc)
Skitch, R. F.
Spilsted, John
Waters, H.
Whitmore, Thomas
* Killed in action

Sources: Tales of Tofield, Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Tofield Legion, Tofield Historical Society.
Please note that this list is incomplete and that the Tofield Historical Society invites you to provide additional names of veterans.