History offers something of very great practical value and citizens cannot afford to ignore it. Only when they have knowledge of the problems and successes and failures of other years are they in a position to plan wisely for the future.

And history can be charming as well as useful. It can be a companion as well as a guide. One of the good things to come from Canada’s Centennial Year was a fresh appreciation of the nation’s rich and exciting history. Westerners may be so bold as to conclude that the most fascinating part of Canadian history concerns their area, so recently occupied exclusively by Indians and fur traders. The achievements of one hundred years provide one of the greatest success stories in the western world.

Local or community history is a segment of the whole. Every district has a story of struggles and hardships and achievements. Best of all, it is a story of vigorous pioneers and great personalities. The record should be preserved. Happily, Centennial Year saw the preparation of many such local histories and the result will have lasting value.

The Tofield Historical Society, recognizing the community’s rich heritage, has done well to gather the threads which will now appear as a lasting cultural fabric. Those whose imagination and effort went into the preparation of Tales of Tofield are to be congratulated and thanked.

[signed] Grant MacEwan 
Lieutenant-Governor of Alberta