April 28, 2018

Please check out information on the Snow Goose Chase website

Bring on the Snow Geese!  Every spring, a migratory phenomenon occurs near Tofield/Beaverhill Lake … the arrival of the Snow Geese.   Saturday, April 28 /18,  birding and environmental displays will be set up in the Tofield Community Hall between 10 am – 1pm for everyone to enjoy.  Bring the family!

An on-site tour at 1:30 pm will accommodate any local interested birders! Please reserve your spot for the tour by calling  Vanita at 780-662-3269

Edmonton Nature Club has coordinated  both youth and adult tour buses from Edmonton for the event.  As many as 8 bus loads of kids and supervisors, and two adult tours come to enjoy the displays and see the Snow Geese.


Here are a just a few images from previous years’ events:

SG2011043011IMG_6810 copy    Snow Goose, flying (Salton Sea, Feb.)   SG2011043011IMG_6797 copy

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NOTE:  After many years of drought conditions, Beaverhill Lake has dried.  It will take significant snowfall, and above average summer rains to begin to fill the Lake again.  This process may span several years, but the belief is that Beaverhill Lake will regain its glory for waterfowl and migration.