harold_conquestWelcome to Tofield, an ethnically diverse community, rich in culture and heritage. Should you be enjoying our community as a virtual visitor, tourist, resident, new business person or someone with the intention of making Tofield their home, welcome. Centrally located in Beaver County Southeast of Edmonton, Tofield has big city charm with a small town feel, offering an exceptional “quality of life” for all ages, citizens and visitors. These amenities include, but are not limited to; education,  health care,  recreation facilities , activities and a wealth of community events offered throughout the summer and winter months.

Tofield is a community open for business with a selection of residential and commercial opportunities available. Through the use of our local realtors and developers, you are assured to find the right fit for your needs. The town of Tofield is a safe, friendly, caring community where neighbors support one another and where families, businesses and individuals can flourish and prosper. I encourage you to visit Tofield and consider making it your home.


Harold Conquest


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