March 2019 Update

Our March 2, 2019  “Awareness Function” was very successful!  The morning Open House went well and we plan to do that again next year.  Jackie Fenske did a video and interview with Yvonne Brown, which was put it on Facebook  and has been viewed far and wide!

During the Awarness Dinner and Open House, a total of $2000 was donated to various groups including  Tofield School Drama Club,  Tofield School Music Jam program, Holden School student drama group (lead by Roger) to help with props, Tofield Bull Bash to name a few!

In addition, a variety of items were donated to groups;

  1. Busy B  received a request from a greehouse west of Tofield for dishes to be used for a post-season dinner.  This rquest came as a result of tha above named vido on Facebook!
  2. AHS (Camarose) – a employee retired, and requested an old fashioned tea with mismatched cups and saucers.  We were happy to assist with this!
  3. A set of drums were donated by Taryn Stauffer.  They were offered to different groups.  Five guitars were given to the Tofield School Music Jam Program.
  4. A donation was given to the community “Attraction and Retention” committee to rent the Golden CLub for a Saturday supper during the upcoming “skills weekend”.  Also items have been donated for their gift bags.
  5. We continue to provide supplies to the local Welcome Basket – including items for pets!
  6. We have an excellent working relationship with Beaver Municipal Solutions (BMS) and their  “Take it or Leave it” program.  Y. Brown goes at least once a month!
  7. Used batteries are still being collected as well as items for the Nature Centre, area Museums, quilters and the Tofield Health Centre Tuck Shop.  We share our donations with as many organizations as possible!  Any donations are greatly appreciated.

Volunteer Highlights:

  1. Eight (8) SUV’s were stuffed with winter wear and taken by John and Steph Blades to the Bissell Centre, Mustard Seed and Boyle Street Community Centre in Edmonton.  Thank you to John and Steph!!
  2. New volunteers are arriving, including one from Vegreville!!  Volunteers are always welcome!!
  3. We are in need of a voluteer with a truck to haul items on Tuesdays.  If you are able to help, please contact BusyB  780-662-4325.

None of the above could be done without the volunteers and the large amounts of donations received.  Thank you to all of you, from all of us at Busy B!


February 2019 Update

Busy B Bargains has many projects of the go:

  1. MUG COLLECTION FOR BOYLE STREET COMMUNITY CENTRE:  our newest project!  Currently, Boyle Street uses over 200 mugs per day.  One volunteer is assigned to pack mugs, while another takes them to the city.  Any donations are acceptable.
  2. COATS FOR KIDS:  Program runs Nov. 1 – Jan. 31 or each year.  2 volunteers assist with this.  Donated coats are taken to Tofield IGA where they are picked up by Page Cleaners. Coast in ANY condition are accepted.  Page Cleaners then repairs and cleans the coats before distribution to the homeless.
  3. BEDDING & LINEN:  Bedding and linens are sorted out and needed ones are priced and placed on Busy B shelves to be sold. Thin quilts, bedskirts and thin flannel sheets go to local quilters to be used for backing.
  4. COATS FOR FOLKS:  When unsold coats are removed from the racks at Busy B, they are picked up by a volunteer from Ryley and taken to Edmonton to be distributed to the homeless.
  5. BLANKET CANADA: collect for this organization year-round.
  6. DIABETIC COLLECTION BIN: located just behind the Busy B south store.  Clothing and small household appliances are collected for the Canadian Diabetes Association.

New volunteers and new projects are always welcome.  We are happy to welcome new ideas – and volunteers that may come with them!

Special thanks to our new volunteers:  John and Belle

BUSY B AWARENESS FUNCTION:  held the first Saturday in March at Tofield Community Hall.  Open House from 9:30 – 11:30 am for the public to come see the projects we participate in!


Busy B South acts as a collecting and distribution point for many other projects, both local and provincial.

  • Afghans and blankets to “Warm Up Canada”
  • “We Care” Backpack program for street people
  • Beverage can pull-tabs for the Ryley Lions’ Club
  • Campbell’s Soup Labels to the Girl Guides
  • Cancelled Stamps to the Leprosy Mission
  • Clothing and supplies to disaster victims, and the needy
  • Eye Glasses to the  Lions’ Club
  • Flower containers — Flower Distribution program
  • Hearing Aids
  • Jeans for various craft projects
  • Many items to the Health Center Tuck Shop
  • Egg cartons (1 dozen size)
  • Christian Salvage Mission – Bibles, Christian Books in different languages
  • MCC – Quilts
  • Craft items for Edmonton Reuse Centre

Some Recipients of items, supplies or money:

  • Bissell Center
  • Family and Community Support Services
  • Church Groups
  • Home Care services
  • Schools and Children’s groups
  • Health Care Center
  • Tofield Municipal Library children’s programs
  • Salvation Army
  • Tiger Gold Stick Sports Project / Sports Central
  • Tofield Lodge
  • Camrose Tea House
  • Victim Services
  • Edmonton Coat Drive
  • Hastings Lake Enviro Days
  • Beaver Regional Tourism Association
  • Rural Crime Watch
  • Silent Auctions
  • Assisted Living
  • Camrose Women’s Shelter
  • Sherwood Park Women’s Shelter
  • Reuse Center
  • Your Very Own
  • Mustard Seed

A cooperative project with Ross Creek Flea Market began in 2010. They will price and sell items for no charge with the proceeds going to Busy B.