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Family/Youth Services

Government of Alberta


Will consist of a variety of developmentally appropriate activities and self direct play. During circle children will learn about months, days of the week and weather.  Along with the introduction of letters and numbers, plus songs and stories. Our centers introduce children to literacy, math, science, printing and crafts.

Contact Kim @ 780-441-5961

5830 – 51 Street


Manager: Jennifer Sideroff
Monday to Friday 6 am to 6 pm
780-662-3415 (Select #2)

Preventitive family services
Tofield/Camrose Family Day Home Program
An Approved, Accredited, Family Day Home is a monitored home in your community by our Agency. We provide childcare services to children birth to twelve years old. Financial assistance/Subsidy available to eligible families. If you would like to become a Day Home Provider please call for details.

Day Home Providers follow provincial standards regarding space, toys and nutrition requirements in a healthy stimulating environment for your child. Family Day Home providers are warm, mature individuals who have chosen a career in childcare.
Our Providers create weekly plans including indoor/outdoor play, free play, story time, dress-up, seasonal arts and crafts. Also, our providers participate in community operated social playgroups for children.
Providers offer flexible hours and personalized care for children birth to 12 years old. Contact us today to find a Day Home that meets your needs.