What permits are needed for my project?

Development Permit 
Before you begin your project, you must obtain a development permit from the Town Of Tofield. Please note, a development permit does not excuse the applicant from satisfying all other applicable municipal, provincial and/or federal requirements.

Development Permit Application Form, 2018


Accessory Structures


Safety Codes Permit
Once a development permit is issued, you may also require Safety Codes Permits, including the following: Building Permit, Electrical Permit, Gas permit, or Plumbing permit. You must obtain the appropriate permits prior to the start of construction, as well as the New Builder Licensing and Home Warranty.

Application forms for the Safety Codes Permits can be downloaded from the links below or through the Inspections Group at (780) 454-5048, toll-free at 1-866-554-5048 or by visiting www.inspectionsgroup.com.


Development and Planning Contact

Laraine Stuart

Phone :780-886-2729

Email: laraine17stuart@gmail.com


Beginning December 1, 2017, new requirements are in effect for residential builders in Alberta. All residential builders are required to have a builder licence in order to construct new homes.

Builder licensing applies to anyone constructing new homes, including condominiums and large multi-family homes, as well as renovations when a residential construction project requires new home warranty coverage.

For more information visit www.builderlicensing.alberta.ca


2019 Building Permit TOFIELD-fill

2019 Electrical Permit TOFIELD-fill

2019 Gas Permit TOFIELD-fill

2019 Plumbing Permit TOFIELD-fill

2019 PSDS Permit TOFIELD-fill


(1) No development permit is required under this Bylaw for the following developments,provided that such developments shall comply with the requirements of this Bylaw where applicable:
(a) those uses and developments exempted under the Act and Regulations thereto;
(b )a single storey accessory building not greater than 10 m² (107.64 ft²) in floor area;
(c) the carrying out of works of improvement, maintenance or repair to any building provided that such works do not include structural alterations or additions;
(d) the use of a building or part thereof as a temporary polling station, returning officer’s headquarters, candidate’s campaign office, and any other official temporary use in connection with a federal, provincial, or municipal election, referendum or census;
(e) the erection or construction of fences, walls,or gates not exceeding 2 m (6.6 ft) in height, provided that the erection of such structures does not contravene Section6.3 of this Bylaw;
(f) a temporary building, the sole purpose of which is incidental to the erection or alteration of a building, for which a permit has been issued under this Bylaw;
(g) the construction and maintenance of a public utility;
(h) landscaping, where the existing grade and natural surface drainage pattern is not materially altered, except where landscaping forms part of a development which requires a development permit;
(i) minor structures, located in a rear yard, not exceeding 2 m (6.6 ft) in height which are accessory to a residential use, such as a barbecue, doghouse, lawn sculpture, or play structure;
(j) the temporary use of a portion of a building or structure, for which a development permit has been granted under this Bylaw, for the marketing of the building or structure; and
(k) patios.