Municipal Tax Notices for the Town of Tofield are mailed annually on the last business day of June.
They are due on or before August 31.

The penalty on current tax outstanding after August 31 will be 5%, with an additional 12% on September 30. On January 1, an 18% penalty will be assessed to the total tax outstanding.


Should you feel your Property Assessment is inaccurate, please review our Assessment Complaint Procedure and complete the appropriate form(s) – Assessment Review Board Complaint.


Land Use Planning

Are you interested in learning more about land use planning and being involved in the decisions that your local municipality is making regarding developments in your area?

Property Assessment

Are you interested in learning more about property assessment and being involved in resolving conflicts between landowners and municipal assessors?

Planning and Assessment Appeal Boards

Did you know that development and subdivision decisions and property assessments can be appealed and that appeals are heard by someone other than elected officials and municipal staff?  You can be a part of this important function in your community!

Beaver County, the Towns of Tofield and Viking, and the Villages of Ryley and Holden have established Joint Appeal Boards that hear appeals from decisions of the Development and/or Subdivision Authorities as well as complaints against residential or non-residential property assessments.

Vacancies have occurred on the Boards and applications are now being accepted from persons interested in sitting on both Boards.  Applicants must be residents of Beaver County or the Towns or Villages within the boundaries of the County.  Appointments will be for a period of up to 3 years with a daily rate and mileage paid to attend hearings.  Training will be provided.

To receive an information package and application form, please contact one of the individuals listed below:

Margaret Jones, Assistant CAO, Beaver County    663-3730

Cindy Neufeld, CAO, Town of Tofield                 662-3269

Glen Hamilton-Brown, CAO, Village of Ryley      663-3653

Sherry Garbe, CAO, Village of Holden                 688-3928

Don McLeod, CAO, Town of Viking                    336-3466

Applications should be submitted no later than 4:30 pm, Friday, November 8, 2019, to your local municipal office.



Tax Installment Payments

Town of Tofield offers Tax Installment Payments to Property Owners who are in good standing. These monthly payments will be debited from your account starting in January on either the 5th or the 17th of each month and will be equal to your previous years Tax Levy divided by 12. (eg. If your Tax Levy was $1200, your monthly instalment payments will be $100.)

If you are interested, please complete the Tax Installment Application and return to the Town of Tofield Office on or before December 20th with a VOID cheque.

The Town of Tofield also accepts payment in office and by mail. Starting in 2014, the Town of Tofield will accept Property Tax Payment through Online/Telephone Banking from BMO, Scotiabank, TD Canada Trust, CIBC and Royal Bank. Please use the Roll number (located in the top right hand corner of the green Notice and Assessment) as the account number to ensure the payment is applied correctly.


2019 Residential Mill Rate    11.6896
2019 Commercial Mill Rate  21.0907